Material :: Metal
Finish :: Patina Metal Raw
Height :: 8” (21cm)
Letters :: 10 (volkswagen)
Feature :: Handcrafted
Height Assembled :: 8’ (250cm)

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These iconic vintage 3D letters will spell out Volkswagen in the style of a vintage VW dealership sign. Each set is hand made and have a patina raw metal finish giving it a cool vintage look. Can be painted to look new or illuminated from behind for a special look. Each letter is approx. 8” (21cm) tall and when Volkswagen is spelled out it is around 8’ (250cm) long.

This kit include 10 letters (v_o_l_k_s_w_a_g_e_n) and can spell out over 330 other words / abbreviations listed below.

a ae aeon aeons ag age ages aglow ago agone ags al ale aloe aloes alone along als also an ane anew angel angels angle angles ankle ankles anole as ask askew ave avo avow avows aw awe awl awls awn awoke awoken awol e ego egos el elan elk elks els en eng ens eon eons es gal gale gales gals gan gaol gas gave gavel gawk gel gels gen gens geo glean gleans glen glens glove gloves glow glows gnaw gnaws go goa goal goals goes gone gos gowk gown gowns ka kae kale kas kea keg ken keno knave knaves knew know knows koa kola kos la lag lags lake lakes lane lanes lang lank las lav lave law lawn lawns laws le lea leak leaks lean leans leg legs lek lens leo lev lo loa loan loans loaves log loge logs lone long longs lose lovage lovages love loves low lows n na nae nag nags naos nave navel naw ne neg new news no noel nog nos nose nova novel novels now oak oaken oaks oe oes ogle ogles oka oke ole on one ones ongles ons os ose ova oval ovale ovals oven ovens ow owe owes owl owls own owns sae sag sage sake sal sale salon salve salvo san sane sang sank save saw se sea seal seg segno sel sen sew sewan sewn ska skeg skew slake slang slaw slew sloe slog slogan sloka slovak sloven slow snag snake sneak snow so soak soave soke sol solan sole solve son song sow sown swag swale swan swang swank vale vales valse van vane vanes vang vans vas vase vaw veal veg vega vegan vegans vena venal voe vole volens vow vowel vowels vows wae wag wage wages wagon wagons wags wake waken wakes wale wales walk walks wan wane wanes wangle was wave waves we weak weal wean wen wo woe woes wok woke woken woks wolves won wos wove woven

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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